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Before creating unique selling propositions and starting to write your proposal you need to have a clear, robust, and unique value proposition in place.

Especially for you, I have created a simple unique value proposition generator that you can find here below. Fill it in and send it to me for some ‘quick-and-dirty’ first feedback! No strings attached, but of course, if you like it, we can go deeper into refining your value proposition or proposal, etc. after this.

In the next post, I will go deeper into the theory and the why, when, how, and what is needed for creating such value propositions.

On this page, you can start creating your own unique value proposition. I have added a checklist with items you can tick off after you think you are done.

Moreover, after finalizing you can then send the results to me and I will give you first feedback.

Of course, if you want to have more detailed feedback and support in further refining your value proposition(s) you can use our special Value Proposition/USP Review Service.

Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Your Unique Value Proposition

Your customers are looking for solutions that will directly or indirectly improve their business competitive advantage. Therefore, they want to be sure your products or services will contribute to their success, Also your customers want to understand why you’re uniquely qualified to deliver that value.

essentially, your value proposition is the basis for all of your marketing and sales efforts and defines what makes you different from other solutions.

A unique value proposition:

  • Promises to solve a specific problem or accomplish a specific goal
  • Clearly describes how prospective customers benefit from using your solution
  • Identifies quantifiable outcomes customers can expect as a result of buying/implementing your solution
  • Demonstrates that you clearly know who your target customers are, what they’re trying to accomplish, and where alternatives fall short
  • Enables you to propose must-have solutions and create compelling marketing messages

Solid, compelling value propositions are:

  • Distinctive—they distinguish the value you offer vs. the value your customers would get elsewhere
  • Measurable—they deliver quantifiable outcomes and benefits and provide a reason for the buyer to take action now
  • Defendable—they provide evidence to support your claims and reduce the customer’s risk
  • Sustainable—they stand the test of time and can be delivered consistently.

Questions to be answered:

  • Does your value proposition address customer pain points that you solve?
  • Does your value proposition point out how you are unique from competitors?
  • Does your value proposition describe how your services or products will improve customers’ lives?
  • Does your value proposition read clearly and succinctly?
  • Does your value proposition read as if a customer was talking about your company?
  • Does it communicate your big idea it man benefit in a convincing and memorable way?
  • Does it contain evidence that you can deliver to your promise?

Here as an example (and hopefully inspiration!) of ContractExec’s unique value proposition, so :

ContractExec helps B2B high-tech manufacturers and suppliers of complex products and services that have weak or no commercial proposal writing, contract drafting, negotiation, and contract management capabilities, to succeed in improving profit margins by reducing their sales and proposal cycles and preventing contact value leakage in the contract lifecycle.

Unlike companies and consultants that only offer services related to (legal) risk prevention or technology, we use our Contract Value Lifecycle Managementsm methodology to focus on lifetime contract value and make sure your top line and profit margins improve, as evidenced by the projects we successfully performed in aerospace, maritime, high-tech, IT, enterprise software, and other industries

Nicolaas Pereboom, ContractExec

Create Your Own Unique Value Proposition with our UVP Generator

Now it’s your turn. So take your time to fill in the fields here below and then check against the checklist whether you have covered everything.

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed creating your value proposition!

We will give you our direct first feedback asap.

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