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Apply now to join us in creating a professional freelance network of top high-tech commercial and contract specialists!

We are looking to work together with the best freelancers, commercial and contract executives, lawyers, and sales and contract automation experts (CLM, legal tech) with years of working in or with international commercial and contract experience in high-tech companies.

Act fast, since we want to start with a small and dedicated group to get things going!

So our services portfolio works best for companies supplying to or working in:

  • Aerospace & aviation
  • Business Services
  • Construction
  • Defense Technology
  • Enterprise Software (SAAS)
  • Manufacturing
  • Maritime
  • Oil & Gas

We also like working for start-ups and small to medium enterprises looking for commercial or contract support and help them understand the important aspects of proposals and contracts and how to improve profit margins over the lifespan of a contract or project.  

With ContractExec we are setting up a world-class network of professionals, customers, and resources to which you can contribute and that you can also leverage to accelerate your own business.

Since we are working in global industries, experts from all over the world are welcome.

We are also looking for people who can help us further expand into new countries, high-tech industries.

Finally, we also intend to translate the site into other languages, starting with French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Fill in the form below (also if you just want to get more info) and we will reply within five business days.

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