High-Value Commercial and Contract Management Services

Maximizing Profit by Improving Contract Lifecycle Value

Our contract management outsourcing services for aerospace, high-tech, engineering and IT are focused on optimizing contract value and maximizing profit margins throughout the complete contract lifecycle.

Our experienced proposal writers, negotiation experts, contract specialists, and commercial contract lawyers help suppliers and buyers of aerospace, high-tech, high-value capital goods, products, parts, equipment, and services to optimize contract value.

On-demand Contract Management Services

With a comprehensive set of skills and experience in commercial and procurement contract management services, processes, and tools we in all phases of the contract lifecycle we aim to maximize our customers’ revenue potential while maintaining a healthy bottom line by optimizing your profit by minimizing contract value leakage.

The proposal, negotiation, and contract specialists can help you from proposal writing, contract drafting, negotiation, and execution support up to strategically advising and assisting you in setting up your contract management processes or restructuring your commercial and contract management organization and the related processes, and advising you on CLM/legal tech tools and contract management solutions.

ContractExec’s specialists assist aerospace and high-tech suppliers or startups in drafting, reviewing, and managing proposals, negotiations, and contracts.

Contract Specialists Pricing Comparions

Find here below an indication of our prices and how they compare to other service providers *.


First Consultation

Hourly Price – Low

Hourly Price- High

Marketing Strategy

Sales Strategy

Proposal Review

Proposal Writing

Contract Review

Contract Drafting

Negotiation Support

CLM Tools Advice

Contract Legal Advice



€ 100

€ 300

€ 250 – € 500

€ 500 – € 750

€ 500 – € 750

€ 750 – € 1.000

€ 150/-175/h

up to € 175/h

up to € 250/h

Local Lawyer


€ 300

€ 500



€ 750 – 1.500

€ 1.000 – 2.000

€ 1.000 – € 2.000

€ 2.000 – € 3.000

€ 250/h and up


€ 275/h and up

Large Law Firm


€ 500

€ 1.000



€ 1.000 – € 2.000

€ 3.000 and up

€ 3.000 and up

€ 4.000 and up

€ 500/h and up


€ 500/h and up

* The above rates are averages from our marketplace (EU/UK/US) for comparison. These rates may vary based on your project requirements and per country. Please contact us for more information about prices.

Contract Management Services

Business Proposal Services

Value proposition

Proposal Review & Edit

Value Proposition Design

  • Create winning and powerful value propositions for your product or services
  • Feedback within 2 to 7 days

Business Proposal Writing

  • Draft complete business proposals or RFP replies, including statements of work
  • Feedback within 3 to 10 days

Contract Development Services

Value proposition

Contract Review

Contract Templates

  • Create your templates to speed up proposal and contract writing without adding resources
  • Feedback within 3 to 10 days

Contract Drafting

Negotiation Services

Value proposition

Negotiation Strategy

  • Prepare a powerful negotiation strategy as part of your offer process and for future negotiation
  • Feedback within 3 to 10 days

Negotiation Support

  • Further plan and support you during contract negotiation, either from the back-office or in the team
  • Support/hours to be agreed

Contract Negotiation

  • Perform on your behalf or lead the contract negotiation team in front of your customer
  • Support/hours to be agreed

Contract Lifecycle Management Services

Value proposition

Contract Lifecycle Management Analysis

  • Provide an in-depth analysis of processes and practices and identifies top improvement opportunities
  • Feedback: 4 to 20 days

Legal Tech & CLM Tools Consulting

  • Advise you which legal tech or CLM tools add value and can give you a positive ROI in a short time
  • Feedback: 5 to 25 days

Contract Value Lifecycle Management

  • Implement Contract Value Lifecycle Management model and processes in your company
  • Support/hours/to be agreed

Our specialists have 25+ years of experience working internationally in large-scale commercial and contract environments of multi-national companies or organizations in aerospace, aviation, information technology, and digital media as well as with working with governments, companies, and other commercial & contract experts in the electronics, medical equipment, maritime and electronic industries, major government and defense contracts.

Proposal Writing and Commercial Management Services

We offer fast, reliable, and cost-effective proposal review and drafting services and ongoing commercial support services for medium-sized to large businesses in complex technology industries.

Send us your draft proposal terms and conditions, proposals, support agreements, statements of work, technical specifications, and NDAs and we will review, draft, and tailor them to meet your business needs.

Many companies think that having generic terms and conditions or copying them from existing contracts is enough to protect your needs. However, your terms and conditions, proposals, and other agreements should reflect and protect and be tailored to your particular business.

For example, there is a big difference in offering terms and conditions for supplying physical goods, compared to those needed to render labor-based services.

  1. RFP/proposal request reviews, dissecting complex RFP requirements including government agencies, defense, and commercial companies.
  2. Editing and proofreading sales and other commercial proposals completed by others, written by multiple authors.
  3. Complex proposal writing and how to write a business proposal
  4. Cover letter or executive summary writing
  5. Editing technical information and statements of work gathered from multiple subject matter experts.
  6. Technical writing, interpreting technical information into compliant and compelling proposal responses.
  7. Creating compelling and compliant RFP responses and offer strategies under tight deadlines.
  8. Template creation (cover letters, terms & conditions, simple offers, NDAs, RFP response templates) and presentations that make it easy to respond quickly in the future.
  9. On-demand commercial services that can be customized to meet your exact requirements.
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Effective Contract Execution to Prevent Contract Value Leakage

We offer fast, reliable, and cost-effective ongoing contract drafting services, and when required negotiation support and contract management services after signing of the contract.

Supporting organizations in managing contracts at various phases of the sales-side or buy-side contract lifecycle after the signature. Obligation and commitment tracking, compliance issues, contract changes, renewals, close-outs.

Advising you on what the importance and benefits are of contract management and how to organize yourself and which tools to use to support your activities.

Send us your draft contracts, terms and conditions, support agreements, including statements of work, technical specifications, and we will review, draft, and tailor them to meet your business needs or to prepare you for negotiation.

“Successful negotiation is not about getting to ‘yes’; it’s about mastering ‘no’ and understanding what the path to an agreement is.”

Christopher Voss

We specialize in creating, reviewing, editing commercial B2B business contracts, product support, and service agreements, contract lifestyle management (CLM) tools, all based on contract management best practices.

What is contract management?

There are many definitions, but for ContractExec contract management covers the following activities.

  1. Contract reviews.
  2. Editing and proofreading third-party contracts
  3. Complex contract drafting for instance of aircraft purchase agreements
  4. Cover letter or executive summary writing
  5. Editing technical information and statements of work
  6. Contract negotiation support and consulting services including setting up win-win negotiation strategies and principled negotiation processes.
  7. Advice on CLM tools and contract management solutions for commercial and contract executives
  8. Virtual assistant services.
  9. On-demand contract management services establishing contract management plans, processes, and organization advice, and other services tailored to your requirements.
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