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Commercial and Contract Specialists as Your Business Consultants

Introducing best practices in your company or finding business consultants or employees with the right skills and experience to generate leads, write proposals, draft, negotiate and manage contracts is not easy and often time-consuming.

Without multi-skilled and highly experienced commercial professionals and contract experts, it is impossible to optimize your top and bottom lines.

Such people are hard to find. Within your company or outside. For full-time positions or on project-base.

This is especially a challenge for manufacturing and engineering companies and suppliers selling or procuring high-value complex products and services through long-term contracts.

Like in the aerospace, defense, aviation, IT and high-tech manufacturing industries we have worked for, or are still working for.

Organizations we have worked for in then past 30 years

That’s why we have set up ContractExec. To bring together out business consultants, commercial and contract professionals, specialists and companies, suppliers, and organizations in need of such people and skills.

Nicolaas Pereboom

Founder of ContractExec

You’re the reason I set up ContractExec!

Industries selling or buying high-value complex products and services come to me and my partners to get help with business development, writing proposals, drafting and negotiating contracts, streamlining contract management, and selecting the right automation tools.

We do this together with a rapidly growing network of people and experienced commercial and contract specialists, consultants, attorneys, and lawyers from all over the world we have worked with in the past and present,

I have worked myself for over 30 years for large original equipment manufacturers and multinationals in commercial and contract executive functions and projects in aerospace, aviation, information technology, business process improvement, and helped start-ups in digital media and travel.

If you want more information or want to join our network, please contact me!


+31 6 48172202

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ContractExec Can Provide You the Business Experts and Skills You Need

ContractExec specialists and business consultants can help you focus on and improve business value. To develop new business, speed up offers and negotiations. To manage your high-value contracts and using the latest technologies.

We are experienced commercial and contract specialists that focus on providing commercial and contracts management project and outsourcing services, management consulting, and executive search for companies working in aerospace, defense, aviation, IT high-tech manufacturing, and similar industries.

In general, we work with marketing & sales departments, finance directors, heads of contract departments, and legal counsels looking for ad interim or skilled business developers, salespeople, proposal writers, contract drafters, negotiators, and other commercial and contract specialists.

We give advice on how to set up commercial and contract organizations, streamline business processes and introduce contract lifecycle management automation.

The focus is on speeding up and improving the quality of sales, proposals, contract negotiations, and contract management in order to optimize business value.

Join our network of commercial and contract specialists and business consultants!

You can join our network, and become a member of our LinkedIn group and Twitter community!

The network is for commercial and contract specialists wanting to expand their business network, looking for new opportunities, and wanting to share knowledge.

Join our network!

We Have Worked with OEMs, High Tech and Governmental Organizations

You can also profit from our large international professional network. We have worked for OEMs in the aerospace industry, large high-tech multinationals, government organizations in many industries on both the sell-side as well as on the buy-side.

We have been in executive positions in sales, commercial and contract departments, as legal counsels, attorneys, as program managers, and other functions.

So we know where business value can be added or value leakage can be prevented.

Our Business Consultants Can Help You Set Up Commercial and Contract Management

Last, but not least, we have also helped start-ups, SMEs, and large high-tech companies supplying to large OEMS and high-tech multinationals that needed commercial or contract management support or coaching.

We have helped them set up or transform their commercial and contract departments.

Making sure all contracts were in place to do business. Introducing contract lifecycle management tools to speed up the offer and contract management processes.

And finally, assisting in setting up commercial and contract strategies and plans and supporting in complex negotiations.

In aerospace and defense, we have worked in megaprojects with ministries of Defence and governments, NATO, and defense technology providers.

Writing offers, drafting all sorts of agreements, and negotiating complex contracts, negotiating deals, setting up corporations, joint ventures, drafting, and reviewing legal opinions.

In addition, most of us have experience win other technology, IT, capital goods, and similar organizations.

ContractExec works with high-tech industries including High Technology Manufacturing, Information Technology, Digital Media, Government, Oil & Gas, Equipment & Systems Manufacturing, Aerospace and Defense, Aviation, and Maritime.

We are skilled commercial contract executives that can advise you on Business Development, Lead Generation, Proposal Writing, Government Tenders, Pricing Strategies, Disputes, Review of Terms and Conditions, Contract Drafting, Contract Negotiations, Procurement, Strategic Sales, Agile Contracting, and Contract Management, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Legal Tech and Contract Lifecycle Management Software.

We have worked all over the world in the EU, the US, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Japan, Taiwan, Middle East, India, Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Norway, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, and many other countries.

Looking Forward to Working With You!

So we are looking forward to also working with you!

You will be working with a network of highly experienced commercial specialists and contract executives, contract lawyers, business attorneys, and other experts who know and work or have worked in aerospace and high-technology environments.

All of the specialists have extensive and international experience in business-to-business contract management which will benefit you tremendously.

We do buy-side (procurement) contracts but our specialty is helping suppliers (from start-up to major player) to sell to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and assisting such OEMs to create contract value for their customers.