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High-Value Commercial and Contract Management Services and Technology

Commercial and Contract Specialists in Aerospace | Aviation |Defense | High Tech Manufacturing | CLM Software | Smart Contracts



Is it often a challenge for you to generate better leads and bring in new customers and business?



Do you want to speed up and improve writing business proposals and negotiate and close better deals?



Are you experiencing ‘contract value erosion’ due to poor contract management and obsolete tools?

  • How to turn your sales people into ‘rainmakers’
  • Creating value propositions for complex sales
  • Organizing yourself to be customer-centric
  • Putting strategic sales strategies in place
  • Making use of B2B lead generation strategies and tools to win high value business.
  • How to deliver winning business proposals faster
  • Drafting contracts and technical specifications
  • Improving your teams’ negotiating skills
  • Planning negotiations and closing the deal
  • Winning valuable time by using CLM contract solutions and legal tech.
  • How to manage complex contracts effectively
  • Increasing customer and contract lifetime value
  • Upselling and cross-selling after signing
  • Maximizing profit by preventing value erosion
  • Implementing contract lifecycle management and CLM tools to increase business value.

ContractExec Insights

We help B2B suppliers of complex, high-value, high-risk products and services to sell, negotiate faster and manage contracts better.

Our Focus: High-Value and Complex Products and Services

We work on projects and on an interim basis helping companies and organizations that sell or buy and manage contracts in industries that are characterized by:

  • Complex high-value and high-tech products and services
  • A limited numbers of (large) customers
  • Complex supply chains & logistics
  • High-value technology-centric proposals and contracts
  • Extensive statements of work and technical specifications
  • Multiple decision-makers or committees
  • Long sales and negotiation cycles
  • Multiple performance obligations or regulations
  • Relatively high contract value leakage

Our Services: Commercial and Contract Management Specialists

  • We help you improve your business development, strategic sales, proposal writing, negotiation, and contract management.
  • Our specialists know how to speed up your sales, proposals, and negotiation cycles.
  • We look at how you can reduce transaction costs, prevent value leakage, and create maximal business value over the lifetime of a contract.
  • ContractExec can deliver a total turnkey lifecycle service, focusing on your people, processes, and the use of agile methodologies and technology.
  • We also assist companies and organizations on the procurement side to better understand how their suppliers sell.

The Biggest Threat to Your Profits is Contract Value Leakage!

  • Contracting parties need to secure economic value during the lifetime of their contracts.
  • Many companies, however, see at the end of each year lower revenues and/or higher costs than expected or forecasted.
  • This is caused by ‘contract value leakage,’ often due to low contract quality: poor contract management, and high contracting costs.

“Contract value leakage can lead to an average of more than 10% loss of revenue and cost millions, especially in industries producing high-value and complex products and services.”

Do you want to know more about the services ContractExec’s commercial and contract specialists can offer you to optimize contract value and profit margins?

Our Commercial and Contract Specialists Help Improve Value

If you are reading this and consider yourself to be a commercial or contract specialist in industries like aerospace, aviation, IT, or high-tech, and are interested in joining ContractExec’s professional network to help companies improve contract value, don’t hesitate to contact me or click on the button here below!

Generating Leads and Effective Proposal Writing to Improve Contract Value

  • Is generating new business or leads too time-consuming?
  • Do you know how to generate effective value propositions?
  • Is writing winning business proposals and solid technical specifications always a challenge?
  • Are you looking to get better proposals out faster?

Contract Drafting and Negotiation Support to Close Better Deals

  • Do you need help with setting up agreements and successfully negotiating them?
  • Is your business, and are your contracts in need of more agile ways of working?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve the negotiation skills of your people?
  • Do you want to close deals faster?

Setting up Robust Contract Management Processes to Retain and Improve Value

  • Are your commercial and contract management processes incomplete or fragmented and not covering the complete contract lifecycle?
  • Do your people know how to manage contracts and increase business value?
  • Are you using the right tools contract automation tools?
  • And do you know whether to choose between ‘legal tech’ or ‘CLM tools’?
Contract Lifecycle
ContractExec’s Contract Lifecycle Management Services

More About Our Professional Network of Contract Specialists

We have worked or are still working with companies in aerospace like Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, GKN/Fokker, Leonardo Helicopters, Gulfstream, Dassault, Shell Aircraft, Samsung, Mitsubishi. IT companies like SAP, Atos, and multiple CLM providers.

In addition to aerospace and aviation companies, we have dealt with defense organizations like NATO and Ministries of Defense or Transport. With tech companies like Philips, HP, Vodafone, and international lawyer companies, attorney offices, and contract automation specialists worldwide.

ContractExec’s Contract Specialists Understand Your Market and Customers

You can benefit from the know-how we have of the organizations or OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in your industry and how they work.

And we can help suppliers to understand their organization, procedures, and processes.

What you can expect from ContractExec’s contract business services:

  • Firm and fixed pricing for proposal projects or longer-term services.
  • Working ‘agile’ with flexible work scopes in large programs or projects.
  • Focus on optimizing your profits and preventing contract value leakage.
  • Sharing our deep knowledge of sales, procurement, and contracting in aerospace, aviation, defense, and other high-tech, high-value industries
  • Fast turnaround times of value propositions, proposals, contracts where needed, and tight deadlines.
  • A team-based approach, working with the same people on every project and your subject-matter experts on your side.
  • And the first consultations and project estimates are always FREE of charge!


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If you have an immediate need for ContractExec to review, draft or negotiate an NDA, proposal, or contract and are looking for high-quality work and a fast turn-around time, visit our Services page. We will immediately contact you to discuss the details.

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ContractExec commercial & contract management services

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Proposal Writing Services

Our commercial execs help you to optimize contract value and to create strong value propositions, business proposals & technical specifications.

Contract Drafting Services

Our contract specialists review and draft your contracts and terms and conditions – to maximize profits and prevent future revenue leakage.

Contract Negotiation

Our contract negotiators assist you in contract negotiations to defend your interests and retain and enhance future profit margins.

Contract Management Services

Our contract management experts set up your contract management, people, processes and CLM tools to optimize contract lifecycle value .

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We can help you from end-to-end, so from the go-to-market strategies to securing deals up to closing out contracts at the end of the lifecycle.

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